Rebecca Skelton

Rebecca SkeltonThe Rebecca Skelton Fund for Dance, Research & Performance provides financial assistance towards the cost of postgraduate dance study in experiential/creative work to include dance improvisation and those training methods such as Skinner Releasing Technique, Alignment Therapy, Feldenkrais Technique, Alexander Technique and other body-mind practices that focus on an inner awareness and use the proprioceptive communication system or an inner sensory mode.

About Rebecca

Rebecca Skelton who died on 13th April 2005, was an artist; dancer, choreographer; teacher and researcher at the University of Chichester. More than all of these however she was a most generous, caring and sensitive person with a quiet but determined energy, which was always positive and life-affirming, and a wonderful sense of humour. She had achieved so much in her relatively short life and clearly had so much more to give that her death is a tragic loss.

Our New Patron

The Rebecca Skelton Fund is very proud to announce the appointment of its first Patron, Professor Margaret A. Boden OBE,ScD,FBA. Research Professor of Cognitive Science at The University of Sussex. She has just published 'Creativity in Art' written in conjunction with Ernest Edmonds.